Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

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According to a survey once conducted by the Wall Street Journal, the best fear among American citizens was not being scared of Titusville Bat Removal clowns, getting run over by a car, loneliness or even death, but public speaking. Can you understand how nerve-wracking the experience must be for someone who has an inkling they might have to speak in front of an audience that they prefer DEATH over it? Stage fright is a reality, whether you have to deliver a speech in public, engage in a group discussion, or give a demonstration. There are not many people who have the gift of the gab and indeed, there are visionaries such as Elon Musk who still stammer throughout their presentations so you can imagine how easy it is for an ordinary person to break into a sweat the moment they must speak in public. Butterflies in the stomach. All these thoughts and feelings surround us like an impenetrable cocoon, pulling down our confidence to a nadir.

However, through continuous practice and learning, an individual can eventually learn to deliver an effective public speech. Whether your talking skills are average or below sub-par, here are 7 powerful tips that will assist you in improving your public speaking skills:


Among the main parts of public speaking is to know your audience. Are you presenting your speech to a novice audience or a group of highly experienced men and women? Will you be speaking to a local group or overseas guests? Prepare your content accordingly so the audience stays engaged and take cognizance of geographical and cultural biases. As an example, it does not behoove well to make clichéd Rajnikanth jokes in front of an audience comprised of people from Tamil Nadu. A rigid reaction will throw you off track and make the situation uncomfortable for both you and the audience you are addressing.

Take deep breathes.

If you suffer from speech anxiety then you tend to take shallow and rapid breathes, which only aggravates the physical and mental stress as soon as you reach the stage. Learning proper breathing techniques is a necessity to enhance your public speaking skills, with the diaphragmatic breathing exercise being the most recommended by specialists. Additionally, just before your speech, you should take deep breathes because they act as a excellent stress alleviator. Giving yourself a brief pep talk is also a wonderful way to calm your jitters. Say stuff like this to yourself:

“Be yourself”

“Have fun”

“I can do this. I’ve done it before” (if it is not your first time on the stage)

“This is all about them, not me”

3. It’s okay to be nervous

It is human nature to become nervous. Even the most seasoned speakers have shown that they feel a tinge of nervousness whenever they move on stage. One way to decrease the jitters is to speak to a close relative or friend just before you go live. Another effective solution is to start your speech in a casual manner and break the ice with a joke. Do not be intimated by all of the eyes staring at you. Bear in mind, the majority of them would give their kidney than be up there in your location.

4. Give mock speeches and ask for honest critiques

This step is to be performed at least a few weeks prior to the D-day. Giving mock speeches in front of your family or friends, and if possible, an unknown test audience (if you can manage that) is a very effective method to improve your public speaking skills. You’ll get familiarized with the experience and can receive honest critiques concerning the gaps in your speech or body language. This will make certain that the final result is as error-free as possible.

5. Make your speech crisp and to the point

Do not beat around the bush so that your audience loses interest and even you lose track of what the speech was about. Make your speech crisp, interesting and on point. Do not use a lot of verbiage. Use audio-visual tools to make the audience more involved. Do not forget to entertain any question on this issue, which you should be well-versed with! You can also do a Q&A session following the speech ends, because that’s how it usually goes, but


It is an axiomatic fact that body language is an important part of communication skills. Having a poor body language e.g. pacing up and down nervously, making a lot of hand movements or awkward gestures, having a slouched posture et al significantly impacts your public speaking experience. To avoid this, you need to practice in front of a mirror, get a friend or family member to record your address during a mock session, and review what all mistakes you are making. Are you making too many hand motions? Are you hiding your nervousness by moving around too much? Go through an entire checklist of body language tips for public speaking so that you don’t wind up as a nervous wreck.

7. Do not worry about negative evaluation. Keep practicing.

There’s rarely anyone who can deliver extempore in their first speech ever. Not every person has the eloquence of say, Barack Obama, or the assurance of Nick Vujicic. Most folks fear being negatively evaluated by the audience or failing to talk the way they intended to. This can lead to abject anxiety and anxiety, and might even set you off from public talking forever, in order to not get embarrassed again. But the only way forward is to take things in stride and learn from whatever mistakes you made. Going on the stage repeatedly will ultimately boost your confidence manifold and you will eventually find yourself becoming a professional speaker with time.

Needy, Needy

Hands Holding Embracing Loving Heart Love

When she was upset, she would get a long-suffering look on her face, her eyes would fill with tears, and she would slowly leave the area with her head down. Jackson, being a highly sensitive child, felt his mother’s neediness for a pull on him to find a way to fix her, and he would instantly feel guilty because he did not know how. By the time Jackson was four, he’d learned to completely shut down as his way of not feeling responsible for his mother’s feelings.

The moment a woman abandons herself, which then creates the empty hole of neediness, he feels helpless and shuts down. He ends up feeling trapped in the relationship and can not wait to get out. Whatever good feelings he had for the woman at the beginning soon evaporate due to his shutting down to avoid feeling guilty and trapped.

Jackson Wants To Get Married And Have Children, But The Idea Of Commitment Terrifies Him

The problem is that Jackson has not yet developed a loving adult self who is capable of not taking responsibility for a woman’s feelings. One aspect of his ego wounded self feels responsible for his partner’s feelings, while the other aspect of his injured self shuts down, to not feel guilty and trapped by this duty. Until Jackson develops a loving adult self, capable of letting go of responsibility for his partner’s feelings, and is capable of taking loving care of himself in the face of his partner’s neediness, he’ll continue to shut down as his only way of feeling protected from guilt and engulfment.

The other issue for Jackson is that he has not validated his experience of another’s emotional self-abandonment. Since his mother’s self-abandonment was callous – no overt guilt-inducing remarks at all – Jackson has had trouble acknowledging when he believes the subtle pull of neediness. He’s never been attracted to girls that are overtly demanding, like women that are angry, blaming or critical. His relationships have been with apparently open and loving women. Yet energetically, these women are abandoning themselves, just as Jackson is abandoning himself. After all, as I have often stated, we come together at our common level of self-abandonment or self-love.

Jackson is abandoning himself with his lack of validation of his own feelings and experience, and his consequent withdrawal, while the women he chooses are abandoning themselves in much the same way his mother did – not attending to their own feelings and waiting for Jackson to meet their needs. Until Jackson validates his own experience and learns to look after himself, as opposed to shutting down in the face of feeling responsible for his partner’s feelings, he won’t be able to form a committed relationship.

Letting Go Of Responsibility For Another’s Feelings

Because Jackson is sensitive to another’s emotional self-abandonment, it is vital that he heal his view that he is responsible for another’s feelings. It is not realistic for him to think he can find a woman who’ll never emotionally leave herself, since everybody, occasionally, will emotionally abandon themselves.

When Jackson gets himself off the hook of believing that he is responsible for a woman’s feelings, then he will be free to remain open hearted, even when his spouse emotionally abandons herself.

Jackson will become free to develop a committed relationship when he takes caring for his own feelings and lets go of responsibility for another’s feelings.

Animation: 2D Vs 3D

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2D animated videos

We all love animation, in actuality, we have grown up watching them. Do you remember those days when as a kid, you wanted to become part of this animated world? Well, thanks to Raccoon Poop technology, with the growth of 3D animation services, this dream has become partially correct! 2D process differs from that of 3D in terms of latest technology, which enables you to connect and identify more with the animated world which wasn’t possible with the 2D animated movies. However, the rise of 3D animation services has not affected the popularity. This traditional form of is still used in making most animated explainer videos from many corporate companies. Such is the aura of 2D animation! Let us now look at the unique qualities of 2D animated movies which make it still the most preferred choice in the area of animation.


We all are well acquainted with this idea and as a matter of fact, we hope it too. 2D providers have been well tried and tested through ages and have been providing positive results every single time. The best part is that almost any animation services company offer 2D animation solutions.


2D process is simple, faster and that is the reason it comes with a comparatively low production cost. In 3D animated movies, it is mandatory to bring in lifelike characters to the animated movies to make it look more realistic. Such is not the case with 2D videos. It has its own style and hence includes a comparatively lower production cost than 3D services.


Or what if it simply doesn’t comply with the client’s needs? Then you may need to fix errors right? Well, allow me to tell you, fixing mistakes is always easy when you’ve produced a 2D animated video. You just have to redraw the error and you’re almost done!


You ought to take the assistance of 2D solutions, in case you are working on a very tight schedule. It takes less time in production as compared to 3D services. This is because there is no need of a third dimension in 2D animated videos. Also, 2D animation services don’t have the pressure to create real-looking images like that of 3D providers and hence they take less time in covering the manufacturing procedure.


All of us are wired in a way that we’re bound to get attracted towards simplicity. An animated video should be easy and compelling. 3D service has undoubtedly given us many additional features which may make your video magnificent. But not all videos need all of those 3D features. Occasionally more graphics and images have a tendency to make the explainer video complex and hence may disrupt the whole message. So, if you are working on a complex project, you should reconsider using 3D and change to 2D animation services.


When compared with 3D, it’s easier to produce a 2D animated video. This is due to its less involvement of latest technology and software. Too much of innovative technology utilized in the 3D animated videos can make things somewhat complex. But 2D services is well known for its simplicity and therefore easy from each angle.


You’re free to depict strange actions with 2D animated videos and make your animation more compelling and fun.

Therefore, one might say that 2D animation process limits one’s choices. But let me tell you, this is not the case. It doesn’t limit one’s choice, instead, widens it. Its features such as simplicity, low production cost, less time consuming, simple error fixing capability and the artistic liberty, makes it still the first choice of animators all over the world.